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The Kick-off meeting was held from 5th-6th October 2017 in Villach (Austria), all PP were present, 15 participants during two days of the meeting. Participants have visited Secondary Technical Vocational College in Villach where the history of the school and its development have been presented. Participants have visited different workshops that are being held in the school. Participants have also visited Smart Lab and 3D Printing Development Lab at Carinthia University of Applied Science (FH Kärnten), where the host partner gave them an introduction about 3D printing and presented several ongoing projects related to 3D printing.

2. The second transnational project meeting

SECOND TRANSNATIONAL PROJECT MEETING was held in Panevėžys, Lithuania in October 2018.

At the meeting, project partners discussed current progress, implemented activities and upcoming activities; one part of the meeting was focused on administrative and financial issues related to the project. Also, project partners had the opportunity to visit the premises of the host partner -Vocational Education and Training Center - Panevezio profesinio rengimo centras.

3. The third transnational project meeting

Organized by the project partner of the Malopolska Region, the third transnational project meeting was held in Krakow (Poland) from 21 to 22 March 2019.

At the meeting, partners discussed all implemented activities, their dynamics, and achieved results, up-coming activities, obligations, and finances.

Also, the project partners visited fair - Open Days of Vocational Education, which featured more than 400 vocational schools from the Malopolska Region.


1. Short-term joint staff training event - VET teachers

The first Short-term joint staff training event - VET teachers 3D workshop was organized in Carinthia University of Applied Sciences in Villach in October 2017.

The event attended 10 teachers who already have basic experience in 3D printing technology and already working in the practical training of students on new technologies. After the workshops, teachers improved their knowledge and skills to be able to transfer it to their students within workshops organized in their schools using equipment purchased within the project.

The topics elaborated and exercises performed during the workshop will be a part of the Handbook for performing practical workshops on the 3D printer (O1).

2. Short-term joint staff training event - VET teachers

The second Short-term joint staff training event - VET teachers 3D workshop was held in Carinthia University of Applied Sciences by the end of the year 2018.

During their four-day stay in Austria, from December 1 to December 4, 2018, the professors from partner’s school had the opportunity to study 3D technologies with colleagues from other counties, to achieve significant and highly professional skills and competencies in the application of new 3D technologies.

3. Short-term joint staff training event - VET teachers

Materials' Research Centre - METRIS organized a three-day event for the teachers of school partners. The training was conceived to present METRIS's cooperation with both the scientific and industrial sectors and how they are connected through many joined projects.

Teachers have the opportunity to visit laboratories, Centre for the Popularization of Science, Technological Incubator, work of the Archaeological Museum of Istria and their work on 3D printers.

Students from Technical school Pula presented their work on the equipment bought through the project.

4. Blended mobility of VET learners

The first blended mobility of VET learners was held from 23 to 27 April 2018, in Lithuania (Panevezio).

The mobility attended 30 students from Croatia and Poland, were chosen by school teachers as the most active and interested students from their classes.

Mobility also attended two teachers from each school partner (Tehnička škola Pula and Zespół Szkół nr 2 im. Jana Pawła II w Miechowie.).

During a five-day stay in Lithuania, students had the opportunity, to attend 3D technology training, visit the companies that use 3D printers and scanners in their work, and share the new experiences with each other, as well as improve the English language. They also met the school facilities and visited partners' school institutions cooperating with.

5. Blended mobility of VET learners

The second blended mobility was held in Tehnička škola Pula from 8/4/2019 to 12/4/2019. During the 5-day mobility in Pula, the students worked on their common project on the 3D printer and scanner. They also met the school facilities and the students they are visiting, exchange the experience with each other and visit the most important institutions the school is cooperating with.


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